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Yayın Adı Usage possibilities of Beauveria bassiana (Bals.–Criv.) Vuill for control of parasite [Varroa destructor Anderson and Trueman (Parasitiformes: Varroidae)] on honeybees Dergi Adı 5th ENTOMOPATHOGENS AND MICROBIAL CONTROL CONGRESS 9-11, September 2015, Ankara, Turkey p.83
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Özet Honeybees, one of the important beneficial insects for the continuity of the natural life on plant kingdom and human life which are an insect species that depend on Apidae family. Honeybees are involved in plant-pollinator relationships which is one of the basic conditions to ensure the continuity of the life. Products derived from bees have an important place in human nutrition and health. Mites of Varroa genus is one of the most important pests that affect the bee health. In our country, it has been reported that Korea genotype of Varroa destructor (Anderson and Trueman) particularly is shown to be the most widespread and the most harmful. There are many methods of struggle against Varroa destructor. Generally, chemical control is usually preferred because of the results seen in short time and high impact rates. However, in recent years it has emerged that negative effects against environment-human and bee health; because of pest acquired resistance to chemicals and residue problems. Therefore, researches are tend to biological control methods. Beauveria bassiana (Balsamo) type of an entomopathogenic fungi and indicates a wide expansion in nature has control potential against many harmful pests in laboratory and field conditions. In this review, effects of the entomopathogenic fungi Beauveria bassiana to the honeybees which are infested with Varroa destructor mites and studies about this subject are summarized.

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Gamze Esin KILINÇ Kılıç G E.
Ömer ÖZKAYA Özkaya Ö.
Yasin Nazım ALPKENT Alpkent Y N.
Sait ERTÜRK Ertürk S.

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Osman ÇAĞIRGAN Çağırgan, O.


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