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Elektronik ISSN Numarası Yayın Tarihi 2018


Yayın Adı Nanotechnological Applications in Agricultural Production Dergi Adı International Conference on Agriculture, Forest, Food Sciences and Technologies 2-5 Nisan 2018, İzmir-Çeşme
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Özet Nanotechnology, one of the most important topics in recent years, is a very general definition of how to structure exceptionally small (about atomic dimensions) structures to serve a commercial purpose. Nanotechnology has a wide range of uses of which include the materials and manufacturing sector, nanotechnology and computer technology, medicine and healthcare, aviation and space research, environment and energy, biotechnology, agriculture and defense. Pesticide and fertilizer, which are used excessively in agricultural production, can cause environmental pollution and health problems. Nanotechnology begins to use this area and the production of high-performance particles is passed on to achieve biologically the same effect as nanoformulations, which allow controlled release of nutrients to plants, by using less nanopesticide or nanogubbles to gradually deliver the active substance to the weeds and pests. In this study, physical, chemical and biological applications related to the use of nanoparticles in the agricultural industry, toxicological, ecotoxicological and residual status of application areas were evaluated.

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Dr. Pelin AKSU Aksu P.
Dr. Abdullah YILMAZ Yılmaz A.
Üzeyir AKTUĞ Aktuğ Ü.

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