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Yayın Türü Diğer Dergilerde Yayınlanan Makaleler ISSN Numarası 0406-3597
Elektronik ISSN Numarası Yayın Tarihi 2017


Yayın Adı Stomach poison activity of some plant extracts on Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) Dergi Adı Plant Protection Bulletin
Dergi Cilt No 57 (1), 305-3015
Özet Discovery of new eco-friendly methods for management of insect-pests is very important in integrated pest management. Toxicities of six different plant extracts (Acanthus dioscoridis L., Achillea millefolium L., Bifora radians Bieb., Heracleum platytaenium Boiss, Humulus lupulus L. and Phlomoides tuberosa (L.) Moench) were evaluated against Colorado potato beetle (CPB) larvae under laboratory conditions. Methanol extracts prepared from vegetative parts of plants were initially tested against 3rd instar larvae via feeding method. Maximum mortality was observed in the case of H. platytaenium and H. lupulus extracts after 48 hours when tested against 3rd stage larvae. So these extracts bearing the maximum biological activity were further evaluated using 2nd and 4th instar larvae. Second instar larvae were more susceptible to H. platytaenium and H. lupulus than 3rd instar larvae. However, 4th stage larvae were the most resistant to these extracts’ activities. These results indicated that H. platytaenium could be potentially used in the management of CPB, especially as a stomach poison.

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Dr. Mustafa ALKAN Alkan M.

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Ayhan GÖKÇE Gökçe A.
Kenan KARA Kara K.


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İndir Alkan et al, 2017 (plant protection bulletin- stomach poison activity).pdf