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Yayın Adı Effect of Adjuvant on Pesticide Residue on Tomatoes Dergi Adı 4th MGPR International Symposium of Pesticides in Food and the Environment in Mediterranean Countries and MGPR Annual Meeting, 21-24 Eylül 2005, Kuşadası-Aydın/TÜRKİYE (sözlü bildiri).
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Özet A pesticide adjuvant is defined as a substance added to the spray tank, separate from the pesticide formulation (plant protection product) or it can be directly included to the plant protection product as an ingredient. Adjuvant was used to increase effectiveness of pesticides since 1950s, so it reduces high dose applications to low dose. Several thousand adjuvants of widely varying quality are sold throughout the world. In some countries, registration is required for using an agricultural adjuvant. However, in other countries like in Turkey adjuvant was widely used without any registration requirement. Although adjuvant was most cost effective and easiest way to reduce agrochemical rates, minimize unwanted side effects and improve pest control, there was not any published study about the influence of adjuvant on pesticide residue on crops. In order to obtain the effect of adjuvant on pesticide residue, a field application has been carried out. First of all, an adjuvant and a pesticide have selected according to technical advice and amount of use on tomatoes. Application has carried out at two different doses, one dose was given in “Technical Instructions on Plant Protection in Turkey” and the other was doubled up dose. Samples are taken at first day until pre-harvest interval. To investigate the amounts of pesticide residue, samples were extracted and analyzed by using Gas Chromatography and Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer equipments.

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Dr. Pelin AKSU Aksu P.

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Murat KAHYAOĞLU Kahyaoğlu M.
Yaşar HIŞIL Hışıl Y.


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